Você sabia que o Yamasterol também é o queridinho dos homens?

Our darling is also loved by men!!

Everyone already knows that our darling has a guaranteed and lifelong spot in the shower place all over Brazil, isn’t it?

And everyone knows that it is super versatile in its functionalities!! All need now is to remember our husbands, boyfriends, loved ones,

matches, crushes, partners etc., that they can also use it.

For our ‘Amarelinho’ [the Yellow one], there is no room for gender prejudice, it is democratic!

Yamasterol can be used by men to moisturize hair and other body hairs. Have they ever thought about it? That’s it! It can be used in the beard, hair, mustache and many more!

Okay, so let’s inform our partners that this Amarelinho is super democratic because it was designed for ALL types of hair.

Aside from being very practical, you know that they just l-o-v-e a product that will take care of everything.

So this is the tip. Don’t forget to tell us how much your honey liked the product, okay?

Well, very ‘hydrated’ kisses <3 <3

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