Como proteger os cabelos na praia e na piscina com Yamasterol?

How to protect hair at the beach and pool?

Summer: for many people it means vacation, going to the beach and lots of sun! But the worry in all of this ….. and what about hair?

There are a few factors that accelerate drying of our hair on the beach and we want to teach you how to deal with all of them by providing you with some simple tips.

Beach sand and sea salt water have a large amount of salts (calcium, magnesium, sodium etc.) that accelerate hair dehydration. We can think of all these salts as substances that “sucks” water from hair.

Also, we have our summer sun in this tropical country! Excessive heat can weaken hair, making it likely to hair losing and breaking. It is similar to the after-effects of flat iron and hair dryer use.

And all this ends up in what we already know: dry hair, with rubbery effect and difficult to untangle.

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To solve this mess, only a good hair hydration and protection before going to the beach.

Yamasterol Multifunctional Keratin (the super scented pinky ♥) can be used as a conditioner, co-wash or as a hydration mask after going to the beach or to the pool. It recovers hair moist, turning easier to untangle hair and bringing back shining.

PS.: If you don’t know how the co-wash works, Mari Morena will tell you!)

If you prefer, you can also use it after each diving, keeping hair protection active all the time!

With Yamasterol in your bag, you can go to the beach and pool and enjoy every second of this summer ♥


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